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Gifted: Haven (Gifted Series Book 4)

A fresh danger rises. To defeat it, she may have to make a pact with her archnemesis.

Rebecca Stevens despairs of ever returning to a normal life. Gifted with telekinetic powers, the talented teenager shoulders the burden of protecting her small town from a dangerous psychic enemy. But when her deadly foe makes contact offering a truce to fight a new threat together, she suspects she’s being led into the steel jaws of a lethal trap…

With her mentor struggling to control their own powers and Rebecca’s closest allies in turmoil, the young hero fears making a single misstep will destroy them all. And after attacks threaten her own home and family, she’s terrified her only remaining option is an uneasy alliance with the one person who wants her dead.

Can Rebecca battle two enemies and still keep her community safe from harm?

Haven is the fast-paced fourth book in the Gifted superhero urban fantasy series. If you like troubled heroes, breathtaking plot twists, and pages packed with epic action, then you’ll love John R. Sankovich’s frightening faceoff.

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